Cordless VR headsets may soon hit the market, says Popular Mechanics writer Avery Thompson. Current VR headsets are connected to the computer in order to stream the 3D video, but researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have created a technology that allows for high-speed wireless data transmission.

MIT's solution was to use millimeter wave wireless technology. Millimeter waves are like the radio waves used in WiFi technology, but are higher frequency. The higher frequency of millimeter waves means they can transmit more information, which makes them well suited for virtual reality. The researchers developed a new technology, called MoVR, that can reflect and redirect millimeter waves so they reach the VR headset no matter what's in the way. MoVR detects incoming millimeter waves from a transmitter, and uses two directional antennae to reflect it toward the receiver. MoVR is accurate to within 2 degrees, and can redirect waves within a fraction of a second for uninterrupted transmission.

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