HomeSphere buys BuilderWorks and joins forces with BuildTopia and BuilderFinish. By BUILDER Magazine Staff

Denver-based HomeSphere announced Jan. 9 it has worked three separate deals that will provide home builders with a complete front- and back-office software system. The package will wrap either BuildSoft or BuilderWorks, back-office accounting systems, with BuildTopia, an Internet-based workflow management system, and BuilderFinish, an options selection and catalog content management system.

HomeSphere--a provider of online collaboration tools and back-office accounting systems--first finalized the purchase of BuilderWorks. The company then completed a collaboration agreement with BuildTopia, which will be integrated with BuildSoft or BuilderWorks. The third deal announced was a reseller agreement with BuilderFinish.

In September, HomeSphere purchased BuildSoft from bankrupt BuildNet.

"What this does is it takes the industry's most popular back-office system, BuildSoft, and wraps it in the most advanced workflow and option selections tools," says John Wagner, HomeSphere's spokesperson. "In the competitive landscape today, there are few accounting packages that can boast Web-engineered integrated value adds such as these."