ARCHITECT's Wanda Lau shares a game-changing development from Morpholio, which just launched the ScalePen—a patent-pending digital pencil that allows architects to draw with different line weights, or stroke thickness, in its Trace app for iPad.

The New York-based app developer designed the ScalePen to automatically detect which drawing scale and zoom level the Trace user is drawing in, and assign a set of 10 technical pens appropriate for that view. It can be used on eight pen types, including pencil, charcoal, and brush.

“No matter what zoom level you are in, there is a thinnest line and a thickest line relative to that zoom level,” Morpholio co-creator Toru Hasegawa says. “The tricky part is having a system that can cover them at all.” The analog method of drawing with technical pens didn’t require the vast range of line weights “because it was bounded to a paper size,” he says. “We can’t zoom into a physical paper.”

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