Varavon plans to release a 360-degree video capture drone next year.

One of the long-standing issues with 360-degree sphere videos is that hands are tripods are usually visible in the shot. The throwable Panono camera does solve this issue, but its recording time is limited to how long it can stay in the air once thrown.

Enter Varavon, a South Korean film equipment manufacturer, with the VR Gimbal, a three-axis, six-propeller gimbal drone that can film a full 360-degree video without being visible in the image. The drone’s powerful stabilizer allows it to move freely without disturbing its fragile footage-capture process.

While Varavon hasn’t yet set an official price for the VR Gimble, they predict that their drone will cost $30,000. This is a bold move, TechCrunch’s Haje Jan Kamps says, given that a competitor exists for one-fifth of this price.

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