NEXTEL NOW OFFERS CORRIGO'S WARRANTY management and punch-list applications on Nextel's BlackBerry 7510 smartphone. David Popler, Corrigo's vice president of business development, says the main application Corrigo offers is its warranty management module, which lets home buyers initiate and check the status of service requests online and lets supers assign service requests in the field over the BlackBerry 7510 to in-house technicians or subs.

Popler says that under the old paper-based system in-house techs or subs would simply be told that an air conditioner was broken. The Corrigo application, however, lets users include more details such as whether there was a grinding sound, clues that give the workers an idea of which parts to bring. The warranty information also delivers real-time information, which means if something goes wrong, the workers know immediately.

“By having more detailed information there are fewer round-trips to the jobsite,” says Popler. “Builders can also run reports and determine which warranty issues are causing the most problems and how their subs are performing.”

Corrigo's punch-list application is geared for inspections and final walk-throughs. Corrigo also offers modules for creating invoices, time-card and inventory management, mapping, and more.

Interested builders with fewer than 10 users should sign up for CorrigoConnect; those with 10 or more should ask for CorrigoNet. Pricing starts at $50 per month, per user.