Education Based Marketing Technology for Design Centers & Warranty Departments

A discussion and demonstration on how builder design centers and warranty departments can leverage the tools of technology and the internet to create 1. Educational, marketing, and training content for their homebuyers, 2. Internet, multi-media, print, and systems-based delivery methods, 3. Educated consumers empowered with realistic expectations, 4. Saving time, money, and resources, and 5. Web and multi-media tools to help manage homebuyer expectations.

Enhancing Security, Project Management, & Customer Satisfaction with Jobsite Webcams

This presentation will outline the costs and benefits of integrating a network camera (Webcam) into the current IT systems of a typical small or large home builder. Geared to the non-technical attendee, the program will describe the process of implementation and installation options. There will be a 10 minute demo of the complete process of installing a camera, from out of the box, through mounting it, and uploading video to a real website.

Fundamentals of a Successful Web site

Whether you have a Web site or are thinking about getting a Web site, you'll want to attend this workshop. You'll learn the fundamentals of creating a results-driven Web site, from defining your site's purpose and your target audience, to knowing what information you should include, to designing a site that is consistent with your company's image. In addition, you'll learn different ways to measure your site's effectiveness.

IT Solutions

Take-home tips and strategies will help guide you on topics ranging from bid management and subcontractor communications to estimating, scheduling, project management, customer service, and analysis. Learn how to optimize your core business practices and leverage greater efficiencies.

Marketing Home Technology to the New Homeowner

Home technology is the hottest new category to enter the new housing market. Learn how to market this technology to new homeowners by showing them the benefits of installation at the building stage. We will concentrate on what marketing support events and materials will best accomplish this task and how to effectively produce them.

Online Customer Service

Turn your options list into online catalogs with enhanced options descriptions, placement diagrams, online custom request manager, and online cut-off manager. Utilize the latest virtual reality, Web, and e-mail tools with traditional bricks and mortar to create a virtual marketplace. This session will show you how.

Packaging Home Technology: A Custom Builder's Perspective

Together with many industry manufacturers, we are setting the bar for integration standards and education of the installers and home buyers with the goal that every new home will be built having integration and automation of energy management, security, and leisure features.

Putting Wireless Data to Work on the Job Site

With record-low interest rates driving the demand for new construction, builders are having to invest in technologies that improve productivity and reduce operational cost. How can wireless solutions increase the utility of your handsets by building on the foundation of instant voice communication to deliver critical data directly to the job site, dispatcher, or back-office?

Secrets of the Top TecHome Builders

Every issue of TecHome Builder magazine features some of the most innovative and successful builders in the country. Now you've got the chance to go beyond the stories and discover their secrets. Learn from a panel of TecHome Builders' success stories on how they leverage technology sales, increase their bottom line, and how they've honed the building process to accommodate technology during building. Also find out how builders are using technology to sell more homes faster and how they work with integrators to boost technology sales.

The Online Sales Counselor: Turning Internet Leads into Sales

This session will explore how progressive builders are turning internet leads into sales, the profile of a successful online sales counselor, what online sales counselors do to get sales results, and how to put a program into action at your company.

The Smart Tech House

Builders, subcontractors, and other channel partners are collaborating effectively on all kinds of home technologies to add value for home buyers. This session covers success stories in HVAC automation, structural wiring, and multi-room audio to provide practical tips and ideas for sales and implementation you can put to work in your business right away!

Virtual Reality for New Home Sales & the Mature Market

This session will present the different virtual reality sales tools used by leading home builders in their sales office, with a special focus on appropriate application of virtual reality for mature market sales.