“We have designed our sites so they are more information-driven and functional. They don't want their time wasted. We continually have to use some discipline to keep from schmaltzing it up [with extra promotional materials].”

— David Weekley, CEO, David Weekley Homes

“We are going to be increasing our online marketing. Phase one is a redesign of the Web site. We are going to take the Progressive [insurance] approach, where they allow you to go on the Web and look at everybody's products.”

— Kristina Ellis, director of business operations, Holiday Builders

“We have a lot of pictures of our employees on the Web site, who happen to be young. It wasn't intentional to reach Generation X and Y, but it just worked out that way. By having our employees out there it gives it a more personal feel.”

— Chris D'Amico, corporate director of marketing, McCarr Homes

“We do not create different Internet sites for different generations. [But] our Web site is designed to be extremely informational, direct, and to the point. Because it's based on important information, it has a broad appeal to Gen Xers who say, ‘Give it to me straight.'”

— Kira McCarron, chief marketing officer, Toll Brothers