NEARLY HALF OF ALL NEWLY CONSTRUCTED homes today include “smart home” features, according to a study from the Internet Home Alliance.

Surveying more than 400 consumers nationwide who are either new homeowners or are prospective new home buyers, the alliance, a consortium of companies from a variety of industries including home building, sought to gain insight into the wants and needs of consumers and learn more about how they “will make decisions about purchasing, installing and maintaining home technologies.”

The survey found that 49 percent of consumers presented with at least one home technology option made a purchase. Most common purchases included home security systems, followed by pre-wiring packages and home theaters. Consumers also indicated that both security systems and pre-wired cable and satellite TV should come standard in new homes.

Consortium members include KB Home as well as companies like CompUSA, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, SBC, Home Director, CompTIA/HTI+ and Invensys. As a result of the study's findings, KB plans to incorporate all new technology displays in their sales centers. “The displays will make it easier to show our customers how home technology products can enhance their lifestyle, and they will help us and our integrators with the sales process,” says Lisa Kalmbach, senior vice president of studios.

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