Industrial-size 3D printers can now print full-size concrete buildings – and they might be able to produce stunning homes.

3-D printing technology is already being used to construct buildings across the globe, but as the technology becomes more sophisticated it could revolutionize the way that homes are built, according to’s Clare Trapasso.

Trapasso points out that additive technology doesn’t require as much labor as current construction, and the 3D printing process takes far less time and creates far less waste. Potential applications for the technology include affordable urban housing, replacement homes for natural disaster victims, and high design-homes for a fraction of the cost.

Some experts say consumer printed homes could be ready in five or ten years. Illinois MakerLab executive director Aric Rindfleisch estimates 25 years – but he does say that the technology is advancing fast. “About two years ago, all we could print was hard plastic,” he says. “Now we can print soft plastics. We can print wood.”

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