Few people can say they get to live their dream. Bill Hayward doesn’t just live his dream, he lives in his dream.

The longtime owner of Hayward Lumber in Monterey, Calif., now spends 80% of his time promoting a new initiative called the Hayward Healthy Home, or H3. The opening image part of its website is shown above. And to sell it, several times a week he invites people to his showroom—otherwise known as his own home.

The 3,400-square-foot, five-bedroom house in Carmel, Calif., merits a visit for more than just its location two blocks from the Pacific Ocean and its view of Pebble Beach Golf Course. The home’s true worth comes in how it was built in a way that dramatically reduces mold, stale air, and temperature fluctuations.

“It’s incredible to believe that [providing] fresh air is an innovation in home building,” Hayward says of H3 which was officially announced on May 10. “It turns out that it is.”

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