CNNMoney's Matt McFarland takes a look at Sunflower Labs, a startup headquartered in Silicon Valley and Zurich that has announced a new security system that detects and investigates possible threats using a drone.

The drone, which streams video to the user's smartphone, detects motion, vibration, and sound using a handful of in-ground smart lights that "watch" over the house. After analyzing the data it collects, it uses artificial intelligence to distinguish between humans, cars, and animals and determine if the disturbance is potentially dangerous.

When a person approaches and lingers outside the back door, Sunflower Labs will send a push notification to your smartphone and ask if you'd like to investigate. If you say yes, the drone will lift off from its perch—on a balcony, deck or patio—and fly autonomously to where the suspicious person is located. The drone—30 feet up—hovers near the visitor until you tell it to return to its nest. The app includes an option for a home owner to notify local police.

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