Jemal Countess

Fortune's Aaron Pressman reports that Apple has lured Yoky Matsuoka, who was the former head of technology at Nest as well as a co-founder of Google's X lab. In her new role, Matsuoka will work on Apple's health initiatives, including HealthKit.

The famed robotics expert was originally headed to Twitter, but switched gears after she took some time off to receive treatment for a life-threatening illness.

Matsuoka left UW to help Google start its X lab project in 2009—only to join Rogers at Nest in 2010 as head of technology. At Nest, Matsuoka developed the user interface and learning algorithms for the company’s automated products. Google bought Nest in 2014, and Matsuoka announced she was leaving and headed to Twitter a year later, before she changed her mind due to the illness.

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