By BUILDER Magazine Staff. Tired of your job slowing down be-cause your engineer is in one place, your project superintendent another, and you need to meet with both together? One solution is eZ 3, formerly eZmeeting, from Sigma Design, which lets managers at the main office hold conferences over the Web with remote supers, engineers, and even clients.

Jim Bennett, a product director at Sigma, says by establishing a peer-to-peer connection over the Web, eZ 3 lets users view the same document and send back comments to one another. The software supports CAD documents, 3D models, plot plans, photos, pdf and tiff files, and all Microsoft Office files. A peer-to-peer environment exists when two or more computers share files over the Internet directly, without the aid of a central enterprise server. "eZ 3 is a real time and money saver, since it saves having to Fedex documents back and forth. It also cuts printing and travel costs,'' says Bennett.

Bennett says eZ 3 can support up to 32 people in a conference, and up to 32 conferences at any one time. Builders also like that eZ 3 lets clients without CAD software view and mark up CAD and 3D files. The product is available for Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, and XP, and costs $399 per seat. A free and fully functional 30-day trial version can be downloaded at Bennett says Sigma builder managers typically purchase the software and then have additional parties use the trial version. He adds that if an engineer finds himself using the product more frequently, he'll simply buy a copy.