When Dropcam was purchased for $555 million by Google-owned Nest, it was experiencing record sales and had new products ready for launch; all while remaining a great place to work. According to Dropcam's founder Greg Duffy in a recent Medium post everything changed following this purchase.

CNNMoney staffer Sara Ashley O'Brien reports on the post and Duffy's comments on the environment created by Nest CEO Tony Fadell which caused employees to felt "their ability to build great products being totally crushed." Fadell on the other hand insists the employees were not as good as they had hoped:

But Duffy said Fadell is using his team as a "scapegoat." Duffy said that according to LinkedIn data, Nest has lost nearly 500 people over the years. That, he said, "suggests that we were not alone in our frustrations."

And he said it wasn't just a case of moving slower because the company was now part of a bigger organization.

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