Up Stream The new Streaming Music Manager (SMM) from NetStreams lets homeowners access their music from wherever it resides on the home network. Instead of storing the music, the SMM streams all the MP3 and WAV music files stored on PCs, Macs, and network-attached storage, and plays the files back over a NetStreams Digi-LinX audio system. The SMM lists for $3,000. Visit www.netstreams.com for more information.

Vibration Free Speaker maker Artison claims to have made what audiophiles have been wanting for years: a vibration-free, in-wall subwoofer. How does it work? Cary Christie, company president, says the RCC 600's speaker drivers are coupled in such a way that when the audio signals are fed to the woofers, the reactive forces cancel one another out, eliminating the normal vibrations from the bass. The list price for the RCC 600 is $2,000. This includes an amp and the sub-woofer. Visit www.artisonusa.com for more information.