Tuning In Elan Home Systems is now shipping an XM Satellite Radio receiver called the XM-R3 that will let home buyers play satellite radio in multiple rooms in their homes. The system has three outputs that let three people independently access more than 150 digital channels of XM radio at the same time. The XM-R3's antenna can be located up to 300 feet away from the head end using standard RG-6 coaxial cable and an add-on Elan antenna amplifier kit. The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the XM-R3 is $1,550. Visit www.elanhomesystems.com for more information.

A Shade Smarter Smarthome is partnering with automated window shading system company Somfy to develop an interface between Smarthome's Insteon home control networking technology and Somfy's shading systems. Smarthome and Somfy will develop an interface to convert Insteon protocols to Radio Technology Somfy, the proprietary wireless standard that Somfy uses for the remote control of its motorized shades and blinds. Products started shipping this quarter. Visit www.smarthome.com for more information.