Slick Kit The Xtreme Digital Music System from M&S Systems, the XDM4600, offers the slickness of a distributed audio system with the convenience of standard intercom features such as baby monitoring and the ability to speak from any keypad when the doorbell rings. The XDM4600 handles up to six sources, such as CD and DVD players, and covers four zones, expandable to eight. List price for the four-zone version is $2,600. The kit comes with a main controller, four keypads, a front doorbell, and a universal remote control. Visit for more information.

Digital Trends Home-tech researchers Parks Associates reports that the hottest products and services are portable media players, enhanced television services such as picture-in-picture and instant channel changing, and mobile telephones with enhanced features such as MP3 players. The research group says that by the end of 2009, 16 million U.S. households will have multiroom digital video recorder capabilities, and cumulative shipments of portable multimedia players will be 13 million. The report is called “Digital Entertainment: Changing Consumer Habits.” Visit www for more information.