More Wireless Builders looking to install wireless routers in their new homes or looking for increased coverage and throughput in the office may want to start looking at products with chips based on Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) technology. The new MIMO chips deliver twice the bandwidth and, in some cases, up to three times the coverage via the use of multiple transmitters and antennas. Companies such as Belkin, Linksys, and Netgear are shipping products with the new MIMO chips. One note: Home buyers who want to use the enhanced routers to run their phones via voice over Internet protocol will need a phone adapter.

Sounds Good Multiroom audio provider Russound has stepped up its builder program in the past year. For starters, it hired John Sexton last fall as the company's new business development manager. Sexton says Russound's marketing message will focus less on the technical features and more on enhancing the home buyer's lifestyle. Sexton says as part of Russound's enhanced builder program, the audio vendor plans to offer its products in a series of five marketing packages. Russound has training sessions available for builder salespeople, either through live sessions or online classes at