The downturn won’t last forever, which is why home builders planning to break ground on projects later this year may find LifeAmenities, the concierge service from Columbus, Ohio–based home automation company Exceptional Innovation (EI), a feature that can differentiate their communities. The new digital service lets homeowners sign up for a golf tournament, make a dinner reservation, or purchase tickets to events with a standard TV remote or over a Web browser on a PC or laptop.

EI—also the maker of LifeWare, a platform for running audio, video, and home automation applications over Microsoft’s Windows Media Center—says its goal for the ­standard LifeAmenities package is for each housing unit to have a media server that runs the concierge ­service over a television.

“The first applications were designed for hotels and multiple dwelling units (MDUs), but as the market improves, LifeAmenities is perfect for master planned communities,” says Mike Seamons, EI’s vice president of marketing.

Seamons says EI is rolling out LifeAmenities at MDUs from projects with 150 units to more than 1,000 units. Pricing is based on the size and number of units. B

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