Dynamic Idea Dynami Solutions' New software helps builders focus on operations.

Dnami Solutions is now marketing Dynami Builder, a new software the company developed based on the experiences of its business partner, Jagoe Homes of Owensboro, Ky. Kevin Ogle, president of Dynami Solutions, says the Web-based Dynami Builder helps builders focus on the nitty-gritty of managing sales, mortgages, selections, schedules, and warranties. One of the software's highlights is an interface that lets home buyers spec a home the way they would a Dell PC, a feature Dynami believes will be widely used.

The ability to spec a home online is very important, but what separates Dynami's software from the competition is the close relationship it has with Dynami Mortgage, a captive mortgage company founded to support the software business.

MODERN PLANS: The interface in Dynami Builder lets Jagoe Homes buyers spec a home the way  they buy a Dell PC online.
MODERN PLANS: The interface in Dynami Builder lets Jagoe Homes buyers spec a home the way they buy a Dell PC online.

When a home buyer walks into a model home, Jagoe (and future Dynami Solutions customers) can run a credit check with Dynami Mortgage and offer the buyer immediate feedback. No more waiting for up to three weeks. The Dynami salesperson walks the buyer through the selections process with a realistic budget. The buyer doesn't overbuy, and communications are improved, since all the information is loaded and sent electronically to all parties involved.

“With this new system and our close relationship with Dynami Mortgage, home buyers will receive loan commitments within 24 hours; loan applications will not be lost in underwriting; and the builder can be assured that 100 percent of the committed loans will fund on time,” says Ogle.

Dynami is geared for companies building 25 units or more per year.

Start the Process A Philly-area builder sees results from a business process management tool.

Daystar Construction, a Berlin, N.J.–based builder doing about 100 units per year, is using BuilderMT's BPM (business process management) tool to redefine its processes.

Jason Schaeffer, Daystar's president, says BuilderMT's tool is similar to Microsoft Visio in that it lets users easily drag and drop workflow diagrams to design a new process. Here are some of the software's highlights:

  • Reporting variance purchase orders. Every time the builder experiences a 1 percent cost variance, the system sends an e-mail to Schaeffer and the company's top execs. Benefit: Instead of receiving a five-page report at the end of the month, Schaeffer receives real-time variance information. This lets him respond to problems as they arise.
  • Flagging insurance expirations. Daystar used to learn about a workers' comp policy lapsing on the day of expiration. Now, 30 days before a policy expires, e-mails are sent to the subcontractor, the insurance agent, and the construction manager. Benefit: Improved communication increases the odds that workers on Daystar's jobs will have up-to-date insurance. This shrinks Daystar's liability exposure.
  • Automating the closing process. One back-office worker used to spend half the business day arranging closings. Under the old system, it was very time-consuming to keep in touch with job supers, title companies, salespeople, and home buyers to learn when they thought a job should close. Now, a workflow has been set up in which all the parties simply check the closing information on a form within an e-mail. Typically, after one or two e-mails, all parties agree and the closing is set. Benefit: This reduces overhead and makes for more efficient and successful closings.
  • Home Minder

    American Insurance Associates, a brokerage for the construction industry, reports that 90 percent of new-home warranty claims are preventable when the homeowner does proper maintenance. Now, there's Homeminders, a new Web-based service that sends monthly maintenance reminders to home buyers. Home buyers can log on to a customized Web page with the builder's logo and click on links to hire local contractors for routine maintenance jobs. Participating builders typically include a two-year subscription as part of the home purchase. Setup fees for builders are roughly $50 to $79.

    Custom Choices SelectionWare, a new Web-based software from Indianapolis-based Custom Partnership Network, is targeted to cut in half the time investment that custom home buyers make during the building process. Builders load up their vendor information on a customized Web site, which lets home buyers make selections and conduct the bulk of their communications online. The cost is $800 per home, with volume discounts available. Builders can also use the system to educate buyers about upgrades.

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