Pivotal Venture Software maker Pivotal Corp. has formed a joint venture with New Home Technologies to market software products and services to home builders. Pivotal is best known for its customer relationship management software that helps builders manage marketing, sales, and warranty operations. New Home Technologies makes Envision, an options selection software developed by a consortium of the industry's largest builders.

360-Degree Turn HomeSphere's BuildSoft Enterprise, a back-office construction management and accounting package for mid-sized home builders, now goes to market as Builder 360. The new product is the result of HomeSphere's collaboration with the Technology Enhancement Project, a group of 14 builders that worked closely with HomeSphere and pooled finances for development work. Builder 360 promises a magic bullet for builders: a soup-to-nuts Web-based construction management system based on a single database. Stay tuned to see if Home-Sphere can pull it off.

Safe & Sound At the International Builders' Show in January, Bosch Digital Power Tools announced its four-part Safe & Sound program. First, about 70 tools in the Bosch tool line can now be purchased on special order with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags. While bar codes only store product numbers, RFID tags can hold a product and serial number, and in the future, store a tool's purchase date, user list, and warranty information. Other parts of the program include the ability to purchase RFID tags for tools in your existing inventory; tool-tracking software (ToolWatch); and security portals that are triggered by the electronic article surveillance tags (EAS) that Bosch builds into every tool. Expect to pay a 2 percent premium above the cost of the tool for the RFID tags. The EAS tags are free. For information, visit www.BoschTools.com.

New Name Constellation Software is now going to market in the home building industry as Constellation HomeBuilder Systems. The company's software lines now include back-office software FAST and NewStar and sales software Computers for Tracts, which the company purchased late last year.