Proficient Program SpeakerCraft's Proficient Audio Systems brand now features two new programs for a builder's design center and model homes. The builder program centers around the Proficient Music Center, which features a CD player, AM-FM tuner, and supports two channels, including a hookup to a satellite dish.

Builders can opt to show a freestanding Music Center display in their design center or build the Music Center into a model home. The Music Center display, which includes a pair of in-wall speakers, runs for $250, and the Music Center and a pair of two-way ceiling speakers costs $200 for a model home. List price for the Music Center unit itself is $599, and ceiling speakers start at $175 a pair. For more information visit

Intercom Music M&S Systems is marketing an intercom to residential builders that handles standard functions such as voice communications, paging, and room monitoring, but also can play stereo music over the system. The DMC1 unit can attach to a home stereo, and there's also an option to add on a six-disc CD changer. The DMC1 runs over Category-5 wiring. The base price is $675, and the CD changer runs another $668.

Rugged Renegade Xplore Technologies Corp., best known for making “ruggedized” computers for utility, public safety, and military applications, has released the Renegade, a heavy-duty Tablet PC for builders at a relatively affordable price: $2,995. The company says the new unit comes fully encased, which lets it withstand 4-foot drops to concrete. The Renegade is also built to keep running under exposure to extreme temperatures and during rainstorms.

Compare & Shop Toll Brothers has added a shopping cart feature on its Web site that lets customers compare the features and benefits of up to three communities on a single Web page. The new “My Toll Home” feature, launched late last year, also lets buyers do a quick comparison of “Quick Delivery” homes for families that can't wait the standard 12-month cycle for a new home. Customers can e-mail the comparison pages to a relative, friend, or spouse.