Smart Move Beazer Homes recently signed a contract with ADCom and Gentronics for the two companies to source and manage telecommunications and network management at its field sales offices and construction trailers. Jonathan Smoke, Beazer's chief information officer, says ADCom will source broadband and network monitoring services, and Gentronics will maintain an equipment inventory and handle installations at new trailers and sales offices. Smoke says under the old setup, it could take up to eight weeks to get a new site up and running. In one instance earlier this year, the outsourcing companies got sales agents up and running in just 10 days. “To match the same level of service, we would have had to double our [information technology] personnel. That's just not practical,” says Smoke.

Quick Bills BillQuick 2004, the new billing and time-tracking software from BQE Software, integrates with both Microsoft Outlook and Intuit's Quick Books. The software has a resource allocator that notifies supers if a trade has a schedule conflict and can run on PDAs and cell phones. Bill-Quick 2004 starts at $395 for a two-user license. For more information on the software, visit

New Alias Alias SketchBook Pro, software that lets users develop digital pen-driven illustrations and designs on a Tablet PC and send them via e-mail, is now available on two new platforms, the ViewSonic Tablet PC V1250 and Toshiba's Portege M200. Alias currently runs on all Tablet PCs from Acer. The ViewSonic Tablet PC costs $1,795, and the Portege sells for $2,249. For more information on Alias, visit

Hand in Hand BuilderMT and Sales Simplicity have successfully integrated the two software packages for a system to be run by Bright Homes in Modesto, Calif. BuilderMT is a purchasing system for home builders based on Timberline Office, and Sales Simplicity is sales automation software. The project for Bright Homes marks the first time the two software companies have worked together. BuilderMT also integrates with Builder1440, a competing sales application. For additional information, visit or