Picture This Nextel recently introduced the i860, a picture phone that also supports the company's Direct Connect push-to-talk walkie-talkie service. The i860 features Multimedia Messaging, which lets users exchange text, images, and audio in three ways: between two i860 phones; between an i860 phone and any e-mail address; and between an i860 phone and a user's personal account on Nextel.com. The i860 weighs 4.77 ounces and measures 1.96 by 3.45 by 1.01 inches. Cost is $300 with a two-year service contract, new activation, and credit approval.

Field Control Back-office software vendor Builder MT has developed Builder MT Field Management software so builders can run scheduling, auto pay, document collaboration, warranty checklists, and punch lists on a wireless Tablet PC. The software maker will be demonstrating the new product at the International Builders' Show in Orlando, Fla., this month and plans to roll it out during the second quarter of 2005. Visit www.buildermt.com for more information.

Double the Strength Ginni Designs, best known as the inventor of the Hide-Away-Home-Theater, has released the GDI MESA Double T, a new table mount designed to hold any flat-panel display and three front speakers. The Double T's extendable arms have an adjustable spread for audio separation of up to 105 inches. Double T will accommodate three front speakers and a 42-inch to 50-inch flat panel. The plasma screen remains visible at all times, while the speakers retract when not in use. Manufacturer's suggested retail price is $3,699.

NextGen Control Home Director has entered a joint agreement with HomeLogic to develop a next-generation version of Home Director's ControlPoint home automation system. The new product will let homeowners control up to six subsystems via a standard Web browser, touch screen, or PDA. The subsystems are security, HVAC, lighting, audio, video, and sprinkler control. The Windows version of the upgraded ControlPoint will ship this month, while the Linux-based version will ship in the early spring.