Avad Deal Builders wondering how to get started with home technology should talk to Avad. The large home technology distributor now offers a special dealer-to-builder program that puts home builders in touch with qualified home technology integrators. Builders will be referred to Avad's network of CEDIA-certified integrators. All the companies Avad refers must attend a two-day course that preps the integrator on how to work more closely with builders. Avad also develops marketing materials for builders and, depending on volume, will install new technology in model homes. The program is geared for semi-custom and production builders. For more information, visit www.avadd2b.com.

Water Works A new panel that serves as a hub for a series of sensors placed throughout the house in water-sensitive areas has been developed by Liquid Breaker of Carlsbad, Calif. The product is sold as a kit, with a panel, valves, and sensors. Sensors and valves are placed near toilets, sinks, dishwashers, bathtubs, and hot water heaters. A standard USB connection in the panel lets the homeowner monitor the house over a laptop or desktop computer. When a sensor detects a leak, a stop valve is triggered, and the system is programmed to send out a fax, e-mail, or call the homeowner.

Out Front Small- to mid-sized builders looking for an online options selection system may want to check out Info/Build from Minneapolis-based Front15 Secure Technologies. Front15 is marketing Info/Build under the application service provider model, which means the application sits on outsourced servers. Home buyers are issued a user name and password and can make options selections in advance of a construction meeting with a super. The super can then pull up the home buyer's profile and view all the selections. Info/Build keeps a record of all the selections and change orders.

Do the Wave Leviton Manufacturing has formed a strategic alliance with Zensys to market a suite of Leviton products based on Zensys' Z-wave radio frequency technology. The new Leviton products will include wireless switches, dimmers, and receptacles that will be interoperable with other Z-wave devices. For more information, visit www.leviton.com.

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