Constellation HomeBuilder Systems’ new Web site clarifies for home builders how the software maker intends to market its four major construction management products.

Constellation bought up the builder software industry these past few years, acquiring venerable products such as FAST, NEWSTAR, Builder 360, and BuildSoft.

Although it’s a positive that a large company with the resources of Constellation is supporting the building-technology industry, the software maker had never made it clear which type of company each product was targeted for.

Now, when you click on, the new home page asks you how many homes your company builds each year. Companies that build 300 or more homes annually are then sent to information about FAST; ­builders doing between 100 and 300 starts are linked to the NEWSTAR page; builders in the 50- to 100-home range are directed to Builder 360; and small builders doing fewer than 50 homes are sent to the BuildSoft page.

“We took a look at our original Web site and realized that the best way to arrange it is based on the number of homes the builder does each year,” says Dexter Salna, president of Constellation HomeBuilder Systems.

“While there are exceptions where some larger builders use NEWSTAR, for the most part, FAST is used by companies that build 500 to 1,000 homes a year,” he says.