Pardon the tongue-twister, but it's time to tweet! BUILDER magazine has joined, an online social networking site that asks users to post 140-character answers to the question of “what are you doing right now?”

Our current answer: Frantically getting stories ready for today’s BUILDER Online newsletter.

Used recently by many news organizations to cover the presidential debates live, Twitter is a fast, easy, fun, and free way to see what other Twitterers (Twitter users) are doing by reading their updates, known as “tweets.” Builders and other companies are also turning to Twitter to build relationships with customers and prospects as increasing numbers of consumers turn first to the Internet for purchases major and minor.

As for us, we'll be posting tweets about selected BUILDER stories that we think are especially worth reading. We may also experiment with Twitter for live coverage of home building conferences and events, so if you want to keep current with what's happening in the industry, we encourage you to start following us at "builderonline." We might even follow you back!

Want to know more? Watch the video below or visit to sign up.

Alison Rice is senior editor, online, at BUILDER magazine. She can be found on Twitter at “freshbrewedit.”