Port of Call The new freestanding iPort is expected to ship in the first quarter of this year. The iPort lets iPod users stream audio and photos to their home entertainment system and sync with iTunes. The freestanding units follow the iPort in-wall units, which were introduced last year. The free-standing units start at $150 and are priced up to about $1,000. There are five models in all. Builders can order iPorts through custom installers. Visit www.iportmusic.com.

Audio Anywhere OnQ Legrand says it will ship a multisource version of its new lyriQ audio system starting next month. The multisource feature will let homeowners play a DVD player in one room and an iPod in another room. OnQ marketing communications manager Amy Hahne says that lyriQ lets homeowners control the volume, muting, and sources in any room of the house with a single remote. A four-room lyriQ system with speakers sells for about $4,200 installed. Visit www.onqhome.com for more information.