ONE OF THE FIRST BIG RESIDENTIAL SPLASHES to come out of last year's merger of AT&T and SBC is an exclusive marketing agreement the new AT&Tsigned with Kiley Ranch, a “live, work, play” development in the Spanish Springs Valley in Sparks, Nev., a suburb of Reno.

According to the agreement, Kiley Ranch will market AT&T's bundle of voice, data, and video services to the project's nearly 4,400 new single-family homes over the next few years. As part of the bundle, home buyers can also order Cingular wireless service. Pricing details were unavailable at press time.

The deal represents AT&T's first major fiber-to-the-premises project in Nevada and is part of AT&T's SmartMoves initiative, a program in which AT&T works with developers and builders to offer the latest home technology and more efficiently meet builders' deadlines.

Maureen Weyel, the program's executive director, says that SmartMoves managers work closely with developers to coordinate the best time to deploy the fiber and are also available to answer developers' questions about structured wiring.

Weyel says that structured wiring is the best way to deploy AT&T services inside a home. The fiber stops at an optical network terminal (ONT) on the side of the house. The ONT then translates the fiber signal into Internet protocol voice, data, and video packets for distribution throughout the house.

“Kiley Ranch is one of 300 fiber-to-the-premises projects that AT&T has in the works,” says Weyel, adding that builders and developers are starting to see the benefits of signing marketing agreements with large telecoms.

“The builder gets to show off his community as a community of the future,” she says. “Plus, it's an opportunity to differentiate his community.”

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