Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken what is considered a huge step forward as software created by Google defeated the world's best Go--an Asian board game more complex than chess --player. Wall Street Journal staffer David Gelernter reports on the growth of AI and when we as humans should begin to worry about these superhuman machines that we are on the path to creating.

The article looks at the possibilities of AI apps with IQ's of 5000 that exist inside your phone and make your life far easier. It then looks at what could happen if robots are developed with these same capabilities.

Don't worry too much though, a break through may (or may not) be imminent:

But a breakthrough won’t be hard. We only need to look at things from a slightly different angle—which might happen in a hundred years or this afternoon. Once it does, we had better start following developments as carefully as we would monitor lab technicians playing with plague bacteria.

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