The Internet of Things has not yet reached its full potential, according to Harley, but it can be used to provide peace of mind.

The concept of the Internet of Things has long promised a future in which “smart” appliances fill our homes and cities – but the technology is not yet reaching its full potential, according to Mark Farley, CEO and cofounder of the Tile smart location company and guest contributor to Forbes.

According to a 2016 survey from Accenture, consumer demand for IoT devices is low. While a lack of industry standards may contribute to slow adoption, Farley believes that the root of the issue is a lack of consumer confidence – “People don’t think IoT will make a real difference in their lives.”

In order to “strike an emotional nerve”, Farley proposes problems that the Internet of Things can be used to solve: safety and care for seniors living independently, security, and loss of important objects. He also cites the need for stronger WiFi reliability to keep these systems working.

In order to boost sales and drive demand beyond the early adopter set, we need to stop making toys…and instead work on building simple solutions to real, everyday problems for real people.

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