Fortune's Valentina Zarya takes a look at how Bay Alarm Data recently heightened Twitter's capability to provide responses and views on a particular topic after the company's researchers used the social media hub's data to pinpoint the 10 places in America where the most residents are taking to twitter to complain about illnesses and ailments.

To do this, the researchers combed through 500,000 tweets. Although the data doesn't exactly line-up with the states that the American Public Health Association ranked as the sickest in the country, it does shed light on how Americans are talking about their health.

The researchers found that Ohio, Texas, and Nevada are the most likely to tweet about being sick, using key words like “I’m sick,” “flu,” and “fever.”According to America’s Health Rankings, a list compiled by the American Public Health Association (APHA), these states are not the sickest in the country, but they are not exactly healthy. Ohio was no. 39 on the APHA’s rankings, Texas was no. 34, and Nevada was no. 38 out of 50.

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