Courtesy GE

GE has introduced a new line of connected, LED bulbs that sync with users' sleep-cycles to deliver light in an optimal color temperature, according to the time of day and by matching the hue the sun is currently emitting. The pair of bulbs that comprise the C by GE system— C-Life and C-Sleep— connect with the user's smartphone device to promote a healthier, more energized lifestyle by regulating melatonin production.

According to GE, C-Life is a bulb that "optimizes settings for everyday tasks," and syncs with the product's app to schedule dimming, color changes, and switch the lights on and off in any space besides the bedroom. 

C-Sleep, designed for crisp daytime lighting as well as nighttime illumination, gradually warms the bulb's color temperature from an energizing bright blue hue in the morning to a neutral orange for mid-day, and finally, a softer, yellow shade that encourages the body to fall asleep.

The company suggests programming C-Sleep, which is designed for use primarily in the bedroom, to switch to the bulb's nighttime setting about 30 minutes before bed-time. The bulb automatically transitions to a warmer tone that neutralizes blue light, which disrupts sleep when emitted by standard bulbs or electronics late at night. The yellow hue delivers a rush of melatonin that relaxes and encourages the body to transition into sleep mode. In the morning, the blue-again bulb works like a caffeine boost to support an energized start. 

Courtesy GE

While GE is hardly a newcomer to the connected-home space, the C line marks the company's first direct-to-consumer product, as well as GE's first smart LED bulb that can be controlled without using a bridge or smart hub.

“GE wants to simplify the customer experience for smart home technology—both through how customers use the smart bulbs and how they learn about it at,” says Linda Boff, GE’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Simple-to-use lighting can be your first experiment in the smart home. We chose Bluetooth as the platform—a technology many users already know and trust—combined with GE’s quality of light that consumers trust.”

The LED bulbs, which will be sold in a starter pack containing two of each bulb, will be available for purchase online in early 2016. The pack will retail for $49.99, and the company estimates the bulbs to last 20 years based on three hours of operation per day.

Courtesy GE