The city of Mountain View, Calif., is one of the smartest cities in the world, says Redfin writer Jeffery Marino. It's home to tech companies like Google and LinkedIn and a number of other innovation companies. But the city has smart homes too.

This newly-constructed, 2,026-square-foot custom home in a small neighborhood of Mountain View developed by SVhomes, is the first of ten homes to be listed for sale. The home is right in Google's backyard, next to the Googleplex, the internet company's ultra-modern headquarters.

The smart home comes equipped with a full suite of Nest products including thermostat, smoke detectors and sprinkler system. All of the appliances are Miele, which are renowned for not just being the most sophisticated on the market, but also the most beautiful. No expense was spared when it comes to energy efficiency. All of the interior walls are fully-insulated, the HVAC system has multiple zones, so you can heat and cool only the parts of the home that are being occupied at any given time and the gas fireplace is equipped with a blower system that redistributes the heat, rather than letting it vanish through a more traditional ventilation system.

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