BUILDERS SEARCHING FOR practical, “soup-to-nuts” information on innovative construction products and practices now have a better place to go. The PATH Technology Inventory, the building industry's online resource for reliable information on performance-improving housing technologies, recently received an overhaul. With its updated look, enhanced search capabilities, and support for streaming media, the Technology Inventory will more effectively provide builders, trade contractors, and remodelers access to comprehensive information on over 160 building technologies.

Created through the Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH) and administered by the NAHB Research Center, the Technology Inventory has been essential in accelerating the awareness and acceptance of beneficial housing technologies.

The site redesign was initiated to address the changing needs of building professionals by improving usability and navigation as well as providing access to information more quickly and in greater detail. Focus groups were held with building professionals prior to the overhaul to learn which types of information users found most helpful when implementing new technologies in the field. As a result, the site includes more-detailed information on codes, installation, costs, ease of implementation, CAD drawings, and builder testimonials.

Shawn Martin, the director of applied technology for the Research Center, says, “There are a number of technologies entering the marketplace that demonstrate great potential for improving housing performance, but have not yet been widely accepted. With its improved functionality, I am confident the Technology Inventory will continue to affect change and increase implementation.” Reliance on the Technology Inventory has steadily increased over time as building professionals respond to consumer demand for more-innovative and higher-performing homes.

For more information about the PATH Technology Inventory, visit the Research Center's Tool-Base Services Web site at To submit a technology for consideration, contact Mallika Kishen at