Australia is using the Venice Architecture Biennale to introduce two of their newest floating pool designs, "The Pool" and "Yarra Pools." CityLab staffer Kriston Capss takes a look at these and other pools which have become the design trend for 2016--even if they come from vintage concepts.

The pool that appears to have kicked off the floating pool trend is +POOL, this concept was first introduced as a New York kickstarter project in 2011. This pool, which would float in New York's East River, was inspired by the city's storied past:

“Floating pools paralleled the development of New York City dating back to the early 19th century, when the city's elite used floating spas located just off the Battery in lower Manhattan,” reads the project website. “After the Civil War, the huge influx of immigrants required bathhouses in the Hudson and East Rivers, as many were without proper bathing facilities in their homes.”

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