This picturesque beach community on the Washington coast didn’t follow the typical scenario where the oceanfront homes were built first and the rest of the town was an afterthought.

The intentional town plan concentrates all of its homes and retail in a compact footprint, using telescoping streetscape patterns to frame ocean views, even from deep in the town center. These strategically planned view sheds have allowed the developer to command consistently strong home prices, even for the homes that are farthest from the water. 

And, Pacific Ocean notwithstanding, it’s a great place to be. Neighborhoods in this community (which expects to place 462 homes on 88 acres by 2020) are connected by natural trails, promenades and parks. The whole town is designed around a “five minute walk” rule that places all daily needs and services at close range. Traditionally-styled, green-built homes ranging from 460 to 3400 square feet are perfectly integrated into native landscaping that preserves sensitive coastal marine habitats.  What’s not to love?