For many of us, a mind's eye picture of Seattle is a panoramic shot that includes the Space Needle, framed by skyscrapers, with marvelous Mount Rainier in the distance. If captured by camera, that picture would be taken from Queen Anne Hill, one of the highest spots in the city. The base of the hill is the site of the first U.S. settlement in Seattle, but the steepness of its slopes made Queen Anne one of the city's last neighborhoods to be completely developed. Although the community received its name from the style of home popular during one of its boom building periods, only a few Queen Anne–style houses remain. A wide variety of housing styles and sizes now cover the slopes and the hill's flat top. The summit has seen other uses as well: A tower there sent out the Northwest's first television broadcast, a high school football game. With the medium still in its infancy, however, more people attended the game at the stadium at the bottom of the hill than watched it on TV.

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