Fast Company's Katharine Schwab shares a first look at Basecamp—Airstream's new, $35,000 tiny house on two wheels.

Compared with the company's classic $135,000, 31-foot-long trailer, Basecamp measures just over 16 feet long, but packs plenty of features into the smaller space. Targeted at "tech-dependent millennials", it features USB ports, a solar kit, and complimentary Bose Bluetooth speakers. Many of the trailer's features can be used in multiple ways:

The shower head can be used outdoors to wash off equipment or dirty feet; the sink and stove fold down for more counter space when they're not being used. There's a rear hatch at the back for the kayaks or mountain bikes. Panoramic windows remind you that you're actually out adventuring, not just bringing your tiny apartment along with you.

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