As Sheryl Palmer, CEO of Taylor Morrison, pointed out in this recent interview, if what you design doesn’t speak to the actual buyer, then it’s not innovation.

Her company’s latest industry-leading project, the NEXTadventure home, was a testament to true innovation. With the leadership of 55-plus experts Lita Dirks, CEO of Lita Dirks & Co., and Deryl Patterson, president of Housing Design Matters, the house met the expectations of its target demographic, the 55-plus crowd.

True Innovation Requires Meeting Buyers' Needs

In this video, Patterson and Dirks take you step-by-step through the home, explaining the features that they incorporated to address the needs of 55-plus buyers.

The NEXTadventure home had its roots in collaboration, created by teams led by Patterson and Dirks, in addition to the Taylor Morrison group. Much of what they based the principles of the home’s design on came from surveys, studies, and research of the target demographic. The products were carefully selected for the project, resulting in a floor plan that could be diverse enough to meet the variety of preferences in the 55-plus group. And although there are some differences in buyer demands, the NEXTadventure home design is flexible enough to address them all.

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