Dezeen's Amy Frearson takes a look at a cluster of tent-like structures called "Jikka", which was designed by Tokyo-based architect Issei Suma to facilitate a food delivery service and nursing care for elderly residents.

Described by the architect as "a small complex of five little huts joined together," the concept contains a spiral-shaped paddling pool and a spacious kitchen. It's located on a rural site in Japan's mountainous Shizuoka Prefecture.

Externally, the buildings are wrapped with slender wooden panels. The supporting structure is revealed inside, comprising both concrete walls and timber roof beams. Each block serves a different function. The largest block, located at the center, contains a spacious stainless-steel kitchen where meals for delivery are prepared. This room also includes a small dining area. The two blocks to the west provide living quarters for the clients, including a shared bedroom, a bathroom and a storage area.

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