For decades, Trekkies have been considered one of the most loyal fan bases, but one enthusiast in Boca Raton, Fla. took fandom to a whole new level with a $1.5 million renovation, turning his home theater into the USS Enterprise, the spaceship featured on “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” reports MarketWatch staffer M.K. Quinlan.

Marc Bell, managing partner of Marc Bell Capital, is a big Star Trek fan – he values his memorabilia collection at $1 million. But his new theater is something to behold.

Trekkies will recognize the show’s wooden “horn,” a wraparound control center often manned by Worf on the series, which in Bell’s theater includes a touch-screen control panel that he uses to manage everything from the theater’s lighting to what’s on the high-definition projector. The ceiling is lighted by a “starfield” -- hundreds of fiber-optic lights that, according to Bell, “twinkle at different frequencies depending how far away they are.” Eight of the 11 custom leather chairs recline into beds. The doors that open into the theater are exact replicas of the turbolift doors on the show. Step on the circular “transporter,” and they open with the same “whoosh” sound fans will recognize from the series.

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