WHAT'S GREAT ABOUT OUR BRAND-NEW house is that it already looks classic, almost historic. Check out the huge timber corbels, the wrought iron detailing on the bedroom balcony, the textured stucco, the deep-set windows, and the Spanish roof tiles. Timeless.

MAN, I WAS GLAD WE FOUND THE SAME company that provided the exposed beams in the great room when we wanted to recreate the effect in the living room ceiling. The architect told me that the beams in the living room were reclaimed from demolished buildings. Pretty cool.

THIS CEILING TREATMENT IN THE MASTER bedroom adds perfectly to the serenity of that space. Amazing what an artist can do with paint! It almost looks like it's in motion—very calming, especially with those dark, cool colors. I catch myself looking up at it even if I'm just walking pass!

THIS WAS A SPECIAL TREAT WHEN WE moved in. Our builder surprised us with a beautiful, hand-laid mosaic tile pattern just inside the front door, which we replicated for the rotunda, just past the great room, which leads to the rear stairs, garage, and master suite.

WHEN WE PUT IN THE BACK STAIRS OFF THE NEW ADDITION, WE DECIDED TO UPDATE the main staircase, too. Both have tile risers with these cool metallic tile inserts. Can you believe every one of those tiles was put in by hand? There was a bit of sticker shock when we saw the price, but it was well worth it.