One of the country’s largest producers of factory-built housing is reaching out to young buyers with a demonstration house designed to suit the specific interests and lifestyles of owners aged 19 to 37.

Clayton Homes’ 1,200-square-foot Concept House was built to respond to the special demands of Generation Y buyers. It was designed using market research into the preferences of this demographic, which is known for embracing individuality and modern design.

The Concept House is based on extensive research and insight into what young buyers want in a home. Its small floor plan was designed to provide a feeling of roominess with flexible spaces, built-in storage, and practical touches such as a recharging station for electronics and space-saving sliding barn doors.

One of the biggest perks of Clayton’s homes are their affordability, a crucial selling point for cash-strapped young buyers. The company's factory-built dwellings start at about $80,000.

“This group doesn’t want McMansions, they don’t want huge spaces, or to be saddled by additional debt,” says Mike Duncan, Clayton Home’s vice president of retail relations. “This is an affordable housing solution that appeals to them.”

While the Concept House is not available for purchase, its millennial-targeted options called Smart Points are available as optional upgrades. The company’s full collection of Smart Points meets the needs of four different generational groups: Gen Y (19 to 37), Gen X (38 to 47), Zoomers (48 to 68) and Prime Timers (69 and older).

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Jennifer Goodman is a senior editor.