Say hello to the splitters. They're defined as “individuals who own at least two homes and split their time between them for recreation, work-life balance, or to connect with family and friends,” according to a recently released, first-ever survey of this buyer group, commissioned by Bonita Springs, Fla.–based builder WCI Communities.

A total of 408 second-home owners completed the online survey, which asked such questions as how many times a year they visited their secondary homes (an average of 18), who stayed there (spouse, family, renters), and the home's communications setup (22 percent said that they use only a cell phone in their second home). It also asked them what they considered to be the most important thing they want to accomplish; the top response was being great parents.

Dallas-based luxury real estate marketing expert Laurie Moore-Moore says that the research confirms what she is seeing in the second-home market.

“Boomers who have moved into that time period where incomes are at their highest and they are able to purchase a second home are also at a time in life when they begin to look at what they can do to have more quality family time,” she says.

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