ARCHITECT's Hallie Busta takes a look at plans for innovative home-improvement retailer TreeHouse's second location in Dallas, which will become the company's flagship store.

Designed in collaboration with San Antonio-based Lake|Flato, the 25,000-square-foot store features an eco-friendly business model that extends beyond the goods on the shelves. Southeast Texas-based TreeHouse's new location will achieve net-zero energy when it opens in early 2017, supported by a massive solar array linked to a Tesla battery pack.

“It was very important for us to create a space that represented the ideas and belief system that the company is built on,” TreeHouse CEO, president, and co-founder Jason Ballard told ARCHITECT in an email. “If we tell our customers that solar is a smart choice, that this material or that material is a smart choice, we wouldn’t have any self-respect or credibility in the community if we built a retail space that was thoughtless.”

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