Honoring excellence in residential design and construction across the country, the Builder’s Choice and Custom Home Design Awards recognize projects ranging from large-scale community planning to intricate architectural details.

While entrants span a wide variety of sizes and styles, mixed-used and urban-infill projects have experienced a notable increase in recent years. When one considers the rising popularity of walkability and urban-style living—even outside of the city center—this trend isn't surprising.  

Though developers may have to contend with tighter lots and commercial space requirements, innovative design and building practices ensure these projects shine: Along with giving residents a prime location and diverse amenities, infill and mixed-use projects provide value to the surrounding neighborhood and businesses.

For proof of how dynamic these spaces can be—and perhaps some inspiration—we've rounded up 10 of past urban infill and mixed-use project winners of the Builder’s Choice and Custom Home Design Awards. Flip through our slideshow for the highlights, or use the project links below to take a deep-dive into what makes each of these winners exceptional.

Have you recently completed a project that stands out from the crowd? Don’t forget to submit it for consideration to the Builder’s Choice and Custom Home Design Awards, closing June 24.