“Clearly, branding becomes a more important way of setting yourself apart. If the market really slows down significantly, if you treat people well in a way that distinguishes you, you're going to do better than if you're just throwing discounts at them.” —Larry Webb, CEO, John Laing Homes

“Yes. A quick example of that would be our Del Webb segment, targeting the 55-year-old and better homeowners. The active adult homeowner segment is woefully undersupplied, so even in a downturned housing market, we expect that segment to do well for us.” —Richard Dugas, CEO and president, Pulte Homes

“We are not just sending them a survey, 30 to 45 days after closing. We touch them, they touch us and they talk to us from the moment they touch the company. That, over a long period of time, is going to set us apart, because we'll get real input from our customers.” —Ian McCarthy, president and CEO, Beazer Homes