The logo of FivePoint Communities' Great Park Neighborhoods is a whimsical orange bicycle, but that choice wasn't made on a whim. Bordering the 1,300-acre Orange County Great Park, on the grounds of a decommissioned Marine Corps air station, the 2,800-acre mixed-use development is laced with bikeways that speed two-wheeled transport within the community, through the park, and—via transit links—to the world beyond.

Approved for 9,500 housing units, Great Parks Neighborhoods eventually will include up to 4.7 million square feet of office and commercial space. That's a lot of potential bike commuters. But the logo's friendly connotations extend beyond physical mobility.

"We focus on mixing things," says FivePoint president and CEO Emile Haddad. "Each community will have a beating heart"—with a combination of national and local retailers—"where it feels like a little downtown."

Housing will include single-family residences, move-down homes for empty nesters, and rental apartments for low-income seniors. FivePoint will design all of them, partly for consistency but also to attract buyers from a wide range of backgrounds.

"Our main focus is on connectivity," Haddad says. "We're not going down the path of segregation by age, by haves and have-nots, or by ethnic group." The company emphasizes this point by celebrating each home sale with the gift of—that's right—an orange bike. "You can take your bike all the way from our community to the beach," Haddad says. "And when you see another person on an orange bike, you know they're your neighbor, and you say hi."

Community Details

Developer/Master Planner FivePoint Communities, Aliso Viejo, Calif.
Land Area 2,800 acres
Residential Units Approved 9,500
Current Price Range Mid-$600,000s to over $1.4 million