In the wake of neutral established aesthetics, Hartman highlights more daring paint trends.

Fall is the perfect time for an indoor painting project, according to Elizabeth Anne Hartman of The Wall Street Journal, owing to its lower temperatures and humidity, which allows paint to dry faster. With the weather in mind, Hartman has identified some wall color trends which, as she says, “[take] a turn for the spirited.”

She cites New York designer Steve Gambrel’s home den as an example of cocooning, or using the same color and shade, a rich purple in this case, for all of a room’s surfaces. Another New York designer, Kati Curtis, recommends a shimmering, metallic ceiling to provide contrast and “make a space interesting.” Other favored trends include global pinking with a shade that’s “a little dirty”; integral plaster, which gives a room an “old-world” fresco look; and black trim along white walls.

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